Healthy Eating on a Budget Week 1

Tyler and I sat down at the beginning of the week and figured out our budget. Some friends of ours told us that they only spent $40 a week on their groceries. Before budgeting, we did not pay attention to how much we were spending on groceries. After looking at which tracks how much you spend every month, I learned that we had spent more than $400 a MONTH! We are only feeding two people. The $400+ was not including all the times we had eaten out that month. Obviously, we needed to change. While doing the Whole30 Challenge in November I lost 10 lbs and was feeling great, had no junk food cravings, and was less hungry. Tyler decided to join me as I completed my second round of Whole30. The Whole30 food list of what you can eat can be found here . After several hours of meal planning and forming several lists, I came up with our grocery list that ended up being $54.96 including sales tax. So for our first time doing this, we went one dollar over out budget not including tax. We also bought everything at Meijer because we needed to get groceries since our fridge was practically empty. Next time, I will be shopping at Aldi’s, Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, and Fresh Thyme and comparing prices and going where ever there are sales.

Grocery List Week 1

eggs (24 pack)

bananas (14)

Small Red apples (14)

Coconut milk or almond milk (1/2 gallon)

Spinach (lots)

Romaine Lettuce (3 hearts)

Berries (whatever were on sale- these are for snacks)

2 cans of tomato paste

1 can diced tomato

Chicken broth


Baby Carrots

1 sweet onion

Chicken (we buy frozen because it is typically more cost effective)

3 Cucumbers

1 green bell pepper

Salsa (Meijer organics and read ingredients to make sure there is no added sugar or preservatives)

4 Sweet Potatoes

(At home we already had: 2 lbs ground turkey, 2 lbs deer meat, 6 eggs, leftover chicken meat, left over italian sausage and veggies)

Meal Plan Week 1

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
MONDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie ( Left over chicken(from the previous week) on spinach, seasoned with olive oil and Mrs. Dash or sea salt and pepper Paleo Chili ( Berries, Homemade Popcorn-isn’t considered Whole30 but it’s cheap, healthy, and filling for a snack (
TUESDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Left over sausage-veggie stir fry(from previous week) ( Chicken Nuggets and Parsnip Fries(already had)  ( Berries, Baby Carrots
WEDNESDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Left over chicken nuggets, small cup of leftover chili, add spinach into chili Tilapia ( with green beans (already had), sweet potato Baby Carrots, Celery, Popcorn
THURSDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Left over Chili, Spinach Salad Taco Salad ( Berries, Any small amount of leftovers, Popcorn
FRIDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Left over Taco Salad (add in some spinach if more lettuce is needed) Stuffed Peppers ( Berries, leftovers, Popcorn, Celery
SATURDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Salad with chicken (from previous week) or left over stuffed peppers White Chili (already made and in freezer from previous week) ( Berries, leftovers, Popcorn, Celery
SUNDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Any Left overs with spinach salad Sweet Potato hash, eggs, any leftover veggies

Berries, leftovers, Popcorn, Celery

Snacks included Homemade Popcorn which isn’t considered paleo but we found a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn and we LOVE it! ( Additional snacks are any kind of berries, celery, baby carrots, and small portions of leftovers.

The majority of recipes that I use can be found at:

So obviously our breakfasts are very boring, but we are typically on the go and this is what works for us. You could easily do different types of breakfasts and budget those in too. For example, on Sundays we might do veggie and egg omelettes. I would love to hear your feedback, advice, and questions! Thank you for reading [=


2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating on a Budget Week 1

    1. elliemcachren Post author

      It is SO good! I was really concerned it was going to taste like coconut because I don’t care for coconut, but it doensn’t! My husband has made it the last 3 days in a row 🙂



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