Healthy Eating on a Budget Week 2

This week has been rough. I started a new semester on Monday and these 18 credit hours are making it very difficult to meal plan and cook. So far, we have managed. The hubby is going to have to step up and learn how to get his hands dirty in the kitchen because with this new schedule, i’m not going to be able to cook every meal for him. We’ll see how that turns out! I had to persuade him with Smoothie King in order for him to come grocery shopping with me. (That was our little splurge for the week but I didn’t include that in the budget [= )

This weeks grocery list was:

eggs (lots and lots)

2 1/2 lb beef chuck roast

beef broth

tomato paste

yellow onions (2)


chili powder

chicken broth (2)

2 (14oz) canned black beans

2 (15 oz) diced tomatoes

1 (15oz) whole-kernal corn

1 (14oz) diced green chiles


romaine lettuce


2lbs ground turkey

cucumber (4)

green peppers (3)

1 lb frozen green beans

1 4oz can of tuna

1 red pepper

cayenne pepper

vegan cheese

pizza sauce

11 bananas

10 small red apples

Our meal plan for this week looked like this:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
MONDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie ( Left over chili, sweet potato, green beans Beef Stew ( Berries, Homemade Popcorn-isn’t considered Whole30 but it’s cheap, healthy, and filling for a snack (
TUESDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie left over beef stew Enchilada Soup (  Baby Carrots
WEDNESDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie left over enchilada soup (add in spinach) Taco Salad ( Baby Carrots, Celery, Popcorn
THURSDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Left over Taco Salad (add in some spinach if more lettuce is needed) Tuna Burger ( and Ugly Beans ( Any small amount of leftovers, Popcorn
FRIDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie left over tuna burgers or other leftovers Chili (  leftovers, Popcorn, Celery
SATURDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie Left over chili Oven Fajitas ( leftovers, Popcorn, Celery
SUNDAY Hard Boiled Egg, Cinnamon Roll Smoothie left over fajitas Spinach Crust Pizza ( leftovers, Popcorn, Celery

Again, our breakfasts are super boring but I am not a morning person and even standing over the stove cooking eggs is too much for me in the morning. I know, it’s sad. Maybe someday I will enjoy cooking so much to where I want to wake up every morning and have a full breakfast ready. Until then, smoothies it is. Tyler hasn’t complained about a single meal lacking flavor and surprisingly has liked (or at least said he likes) every meal. We LOVE the chili and could eat it every day, so this is our 2nd week in a row eating it.

I hope someone finds this helpful! Our budget for the week was $50 like last week and we went over it by $10ish dollars (Tyler lost the receipt before we even got out of the store) We went to Aldi’s and got $53.57 worth of groceries (some of the food we got in bulk or bought extra of for the future so I can’t really include that all in this weeks budget) and then we had to go to Walmart to get a couple things like chili powder and romaine lettuce which Aldi’s didn’t have. Overall, we did pretty good for only being on week #2!

Please let me know of any questions that you have or advice. I would love your feedback!


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